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Database of Disordered Protein Predictions

This is the source code for the http://d2p2.pro website.

Get up and running:

  1. Install the SUPERFAMILY MySQL database as per these instructions: http://supfam.org/SUPERFAMILY/howto_use_database.html
  2. Create the "disorder" MySQL database using the schema found in: sql/database_schema.sql
  3. Load the dis_assignment table with all.disrange from the d2p2.pro website: LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE '/tmp/all.disrange' INTO TABLE dis_assignment;
  4. Load the genomes and proteins in a similar manner into disorder.protein and disorder.genome.
  5. Install Perl >5.10.1 and Mojolicious see: http://perlbrew.pl and http://mojolicio.us
  6. $ morbo -l 'http://localhost:3000/' script/disdb
  7. In your browser go to http://loclahost:3000/ and you should see the site up and running

Known issues:

  • Currently the SVG diagrams are generated from a separate CGI script that needs to be served from another webserver such as Apache2, these URLs need to be changed in the HTML templates found in template/

  • The predictor table isn't dumped on the d2p2.pro website for you to have annotations this will be changed shortly