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App to host family photos
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Family Photos

Currently at

This app stores family photos in the cloud (AWS) and presents them in a static webpage.

Users can:

  • browse photos
  • upload photos

To Do

  • downloads

    • user can download their photos
    • user can download albumns
  • users

    • login with google OAuth
    • photo owners
    • show / hide / soft delete photo
    • flag dated photos
  • uploads

    • better upload validation (server side, client side)
    • more optimistic upload success
    • can browse or add more uploads while uploading
    • auto retry uploads
    • uploaded photos show nicer "not thumbnail" if not loading
    • ensure dedupe works

    // server-side // Ensure proper dedupe works // more optimistic upload success // Allow add files while uploading? // auto retry uploads

  • thumbnailing

    • improve bounding box
    • detect duplicates
    • delete duplicates in the same album
  • admin

    • replace 'review' page with admin commands
    • change timezone to Melbourne/Australia
    • album view

Deployment and hosting

Deployment and hosting are done using this repo.

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