Autoregressive HMM version of the HTS demo for statistical speech synthesis (includes autoregressive clustering)
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This software is an autoregressive HMM version of the HTS demo, which is designed to demonstrate the capabilities of HTS for statistical speech synthesis. Specifically, it is adapted from the STRAIGHT version of the English speaker dependent training demo for HTS 2.1 (for HTK 3.4). It requires a version of HTS 2.1 with the Autoregressive HMM for HTS patch applied. This patch adds support for the autoregressive HMM, including autoregressive clustering, to HTS.


HTS-demo_CMU-ARCTIC-SLT-STRAIGHT-AR-decision-tree is hosted on github. To obtain the latest source code using git:

git clone git://

To set-up this directory, please follow the instructions in INSTALL.


Please see the file License for details of the license and warranty for HTS-demo_CMU-ARCTIC-SLT-STRAIGHT-AR-decision-tree.


Please use the issue tracker to submit bug reports.


The original author of the HTS demo is the HTS working group. The HTS users mailing list is at Subsequent modifications for the autoregressive HMM were made by Matt Shannon.