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* Installation of HTS-demo_CMU-ARCTIC-SLT-STRAIGHT-AR-decision-tree
1. HTS-demo_CMU-ARCTIC-SLT-STRAIGHT-AR-decision-tree requires Festival, SPTK-3.2, HTS-2.1, hts_engine_API-1.0, STRAIGHT, and MATLAB.
Please install them before running this demo.
You can download part of them from the following websites:
HTS & hts_engine API:
Note that this package doesn't contain raw audio and utterance files.
Please copy them from the Non-STRAIGHT version of this demonstration.
2. Run autoconf to generate configure.
% cd HTS-demo_CMU-ARCTIC-SLT-STRAIGHT-AR-decision-tree
% autoconf
3. Setup HTS-demo_CMU-ARCTIC-SLT-STRAIGHT-AR-decision-tree by running configure script:
% ./configure --with-matlab-search-path=/usr/local/matlab/bin \
--with-straight-path=/home/zen/work/STRAIGHTV40 \
--with-fest-search-path=/usr/local/festival/examples \
--with-sptk-search-path=/usr/local/SPTK-3.2/bin \
--with-hts-search-path=/usr/local/HTS-2.1_for_HTK-3.4/bin \
Please adjust the above directories for your environment.
Note that you should specify festival/examples rather than festival/bin.
You can change various parameters such as speech analysis conditions and model training conditions
through ./configure arguments. For example
% ./configure MGCORDER=39 MGCLSP=0 GAMMA=0 FREQWARP=0.0 (39-th order cepstrum)
% ./configure MGCORDER=39 MGCLSP=0 GAMMA=0 FREQWARP=0.42 (39-th order Mel-cepstrum)
% ./configure MGCORDER=39 MGCLSP=0 GAMMA=3 FREQWARP=0.0 (39-th order generalized cepstrum)
% ./configure MGCORDER=39 MGCLSP=0 GAMMA=3 FREQWARP=0.42 (39-th order Mel-generalized cepstrum)
% ./configure MGCORDER=39 MGCLSP=1 GAMMA=1 FREQWARP=0.0 LNGAIN=0 (39-th order LSP, linear gain)
% ./configure MGCORDER=39 MGCLSP=1 GAMMA=1 FREQWARP=0.0 LNGAIN=1 (39-th order LSP, log gain)
% ./configure MGCORDER=39 MGCLSP=1 GAMMA=1 FREQWARP=0.42 LNGAIN=1 (39-th order Mel-LSP, log gain)
% ./configure MGCORDER=39 MGCLSP=1 GAMMA=3 FREQWARP=0.42 LNGAIN=1 (39-th order MGC-LSP, log gain)
% ./configure NSTATE=7 NITER=10 WFLOOR=5 (# of HMM states=7, # of EM iterations=10, mix weight floor=5)
Please refer to the help message for details:
% ./configure --help
4. Start running demonstration as follows:
% cd HTS-demo_CMU-ARCTIC-SLT-STRAIGHT-AR-decision-tree
% make
After composing training data, HMMs are estimated and speech waveforms are synthesized.
It takes a while!
5. Optionally, make stuff in exec.darcs executable by running something like:
% cat exec.darcs | grep -v '^$' | while read file; do chmod u+x $file; done