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# Copyright 2011 Matt Shannon
# Copyright 2001-2008 Nagoya Institute of Technology, Department of Computer Science
# Copyright 2001-2008 Tokyo Institute of Technology, Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and Engineering
# This file is part of HTS-demo_CMU-ARCTIC-SLT-STRAIGHT-AR-decision-tree.
# See `License` for details of license and warranty.
all: data voice
@ (cd data ; $(MAKE) all)
echo "Running a training/synthesis perl script ( in background...."
@PERL@ scripts/ scripts/ > log 2>&1 &
clean: clean-data clean-voice
@ (cd data ; $(MAKE) clean)
rm -rf configs edfiles gen models proto stats trees voices
distclean: clean
@ (cd data; $(MAKE) distclean)
rm -f scripts/
rm -f Makefile
rm -f config.log
rm -f config.status
rm -rf autom4te.cache
.PHONY: data voice clean distclean
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