A fun D3.js application you can use to browse your GitHub connections
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Nodal: Visually Explore Your Network

Nodal is a D3.js experiment by Jesse Vogt, Matt Stockton, and Kris Gösser. We work at HarQen in Milwaukee. The idea originally took second place at an Oracle Open World hackathon.

Nodal is a fun way to view your network graph. We wanted to explore what it's like to navigate our network relationships visually. To illustrate the possibilities of node interactions, try drag-selecting a group of nodes. You can also click on individual nodes to get more detailed information and to expand the network.

We see a future where data can be navigated visually. We want more intuitive controls and behaviors. We believe a single command can produce instant understanding for humans through interactive information graphics.

Under The Hood

D3.js is the primary library for drawing the graph. jQuery and Underscore are fantastic utilities for getting the bulk of our JavaScript needs done.

We use Python and Flask on the backend. The public demo is hosted on Heroku.

See Nodal in action

Visit nodal.me to check out the public demo