CouchBot is a Discord Bot that allows you to announce when you, your friends, and anyone go live on Beam, Hitbox, Twitch, or YouTube Gaming. Also, create content on YouTube?! We'll announce that too!
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Let your Discord community know when you go live on Mixer (formerly Beam), Mobcrush, Smashcast (formerly Hitbox), Twitch, or YouTube Gaming! Want to let your friends know when you publish a new YouTube or Video? Want to make a list of your favorite streamers, and get notified when they go live? CouchBot does that too!

Platforms Supported

  1. Mixer (Formerly Beam) (
  2. Mobcrush (
  3. Picarto (
  4. Smashcast (Formerly Hitbox) (
  5. Twitch (
  6. YouTube and YouTube Gaming ( /

The Website

The code has been purged since becoming a premium bot. A self host version will come out eventually. For more info, check out

Simple Tutorial: The CouchBot simple tutorial can be found in the CouchBot Wiki: