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CouchBot is a Discord Bot that allows you to announce when you, your friends, and anyone go live on Beam, Hitbox, Twitch, or YouTube Gaming. Also, create content on YouTube?! We'll announce that too!
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Streaming Announcements, Role Hoisting, Cross-Platform.

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You've seen other bots like this I'm sure - Have Discord server, setup bot, bot announces when you go live. But do other bots have loose springs? Maybe a nacho cheese stain or two? And what is that smell..?? Yes, that is unique.

Getting Started

Quick Start

You can jump straight into the Documentation, watch the Video or Invite CouchBot to jump right in!

CouchBot's main feature set includes:

  • Stream Announcing (across all major streaming platforms)
  • Role Hoisting
  • Greeting/Welcome Message (fully configurable)
  • Custom Live Messages (Twitch, Youtube, Mixer, Hitbox, Picarto)
  • Beautiful Embeds
  • VOD Publishing
  • Seperate announcements for owners!
  • Automatic Twitch announcements when going live
  • Can configure the offline message or delete the announcement once finished!

Platforms Supported

Let your Discord community know when you go live on Mixer, Mobcrush, Smashcast, Twitch, or YouTube Gaming! Want to let your friends know when you publish a new YouTube Video? Want to make a list of your favorite streamers, and get notified when they go live? CouchBot does that too!

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