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Setup Tutorial

Matt Smith edited this page Nov 5, 2018 · 9 revisions
  1. Get CouchBot in your server! (Click here:

  2. Add your Mixer, Mobcrush, Picarto, Smashcast, Twitch, or YouTube Channels:

    For Mixer: !cb mixer add YourMixerName

    For Mobcrush: !cb mobcrush add YourMobcrushName

    For Picarto: !cb picarto add YourPicartoName

    For Smashcast: !cb smashcast add YourSmashcastName

    For Twitch: !cb twitch add YourTwitchName

    For YouTube: !cb youtube add YourYouTubeChannelID

  3. Type !cb channel live #DiscordChannelName

  4. Type !cb channel published #DiscordChannelName

  5. Type !cb allow published true or false (to allow/disallow published content)

  6. Type !cb allow live true or false (to allow/disallow live content)

  7. Done!

Note: To get your YouTube Channel ID see It's 24 characters long and starts with UC.

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