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* [jgroeneveld] HXP.tween fix for native targets
* [jgroeneveld] Fixed spritemap for native targets
* [andyli] API improvements and for loop optimizations
* [MaskedPixel] Fixed entities missing world reference when remove called
* [MaskedPixel] Entity can have instance names
* Added a new preloader, requires gfx/preloader folder
* Entity.addGraphic now correctly adds the new graphic if a list is created
* Fixed text resizing when wordwrap is true and resizable is false
* Removed automatic extensions from Sfx class
* VarTween and MultiVarTween now support properties
* Fixed more initialization errors in neko
* Improved console output (memory usage, handles properties, terminal output)
* Added HXP.round for rounding to the nearest decimal
* Added width/height to Stamp [mkosler]
* Fixed black background on Text graphics
* Updated Text class with extra options
* scaleHeight in Entity is now scaledHeight
* Console draws properly when window resizes
* Added global tweener
* Functions added for focus gained/lost
* Added Draw.text
* Fixed several neko bugs
* bug fixes to Circle/Mask collision
* setHitboxTo now properly sets the entity dimensions
* improved examples
* removed unnecessary property getter/setter functions
* general code cleanup
* [MarekkPie] moveBy/moveTowards can now handle Array<String> as well as String values.
* added version info to first line of the console log
* Tilemap constructor now handles asset strings
* added platformer example project
* fixed several neko crash bugs (initialize to zero)
* Image.createRect fixed so it no longer creates a transparent image
* fixed circle-circle collision
* improved BitmapData size restrictions for flash10
* Fixed compilation errors for neko and html5 targets
* Changed grid to use a boolean array instead of BitmapData
* Added HXP.createBitmap to handle BitmapData creation. It checks dimensions and converts the color format in neko
* Minor adjustments to build.xml to ease development
* Fixed flash.Capabilities compile error for html5 target
* Screen can now be resized. This is done by destroying the BitmapData buffer object and recreating it.
* Fixed several crash bugs in cpp targets
* Initial port
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