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  • [bendmorris] Adding clear method to Emitter
  • [bendmorris] Allow initializing an Image with a TileAtlas
  • [MattTuttle] Fix CLI on windows
  • [MattTuttle] Fix SlopedGrid collisions
  • [MattTuttle] Grid mask optimizations
  • [MattTuttle] Don't require parent for Hitbox/Circle
  • [ibilon] Fix HXP.choose
  • [bendmorris] Fix textWidth/textHeight calculation bug when BitmapText is scaled
  • [bendmorris] Fix one line was sometimes being drawn twice on Flash BitmapText
  • [bendmorris] Fix Scene.clearRecycledAll
  • [Marc010] Fix Input Handling
  • [Anheurystics] Fixed in HXP.HARDWARE bug
  • [ibilon] Add update command
  • [ibilon] Fix Tween addEventListener but doesn't remove it
  • [azrafe7] HXP.INT_MIN/MAX_VALUE
  • [azrafe7] Small fix for seed clamping
  • [azrafe7] Inited min/max in Mask.project() with non-arbitrary values
  • [azrafe7] Added rectPlus() to Draw
  • [ibilon] Add flashdevelop project file to the new project template
  • [ibilon] Use Array.indexOf if Haxe 3.1
  • [azrafe7] Small fix for circle vs hitbox collision
  • Updating dependencies


  • [andyli] Don't destroy graphic when Entity is removed
  • [Nananas] Ouya game pad corrections
  • [bendmorris] Fixing BitmapText textWidth/textHeight and word wrapping when font size changes
  • [bendmorris] Optimizing Canvas/Tilemap when scale or color are set on Flash
  • [MattTuttle] Pulled richText from FlashPunk into Text
  • [MattTuttle] Improved grid debug rendering
  • [steinarvk] Fixing AtlasRegion.clip from modifying the original Rectangle
  • Various improvements to the HaxePunk core


  • [ibilon] Added setup command to run tool
  • [bendmorris] Added BitmapText graphic class
  • [azrafe7] Layers can be negative on all targets (removes HXP.BASELAYER)
  • [bendmorris] Added Joystick.released to match Input
  • [ibilon] Text now uses BitmapData for consistent rendering on all targets
  • [MattTuttle] Fixed layer rendering for native targets
  • [Nananas] Joystick on Ouya handles player id properly
  • [MattTuttle] Added layer list for Console to toggle layer visibility
  • [azrafe7] Fixed Circle and Polygon collisions with other masks
  • Many more bug fixes and compatibility improvements


  • [azrafe7] Fixed Lambda.indexOf() memory leaks in flash
  • [elnabo] Added possibility to make a copy of a grid
  • Update for version 1.2.2 of openfl


  • [ibilon] Revert to normal error throwing (fixed in openfl)
  • Update for version 1.2.1 of openfl


  • [elnabo] Allow to have spacing on tileset
  • [elnabo] Added support for middle and right mouse button
  • [bendmorris] Fixing Spritemap initialization bug on Linux64 target
  • [ibilon] Allow Scene.create to take constructor arguments
  • [ibilon] Entities can now follow the camera
  • [ibilon] Fixed error throwing in non-flash targets + new unit test
  • [azrafe7] Grid vs Grid collision ported from FlashPunk
  • Update for version 1.2.0 of openfl


  • [ibilon] Can now resize stage in native
  • [ibilon] Wrong debug draw for SlopedGrid
  • [MattTuttle] Atlas.destroy cleans up cache propery
  • [ibilon] Fix Text scale and visibility on native
  • [ibilon] HXP.choose Fix
  • Update for new version of openfl


  • [ibilon] Native screen smoothing
  • [scriptorum] Fixed faulty Text dimensions
  • [ibilon] Numpad keys with numlock off on native
  • [ibilon] Change setField to setProperty in MultiVarTween to use properties setter
  • [ibilon] Added warnings
  • [ibilon] Image.createX check sizes
  • [ibilon] Emit centered particles on flash
  • Update for new version of openfl


  • [XXLTomate] Option to play an emitter animation backwards
  • [XXLTomate] Fix invisible particles
  • [kpaekn] Added Image.smooth getter and setter
  • [ibilon] Smooth for non-flash target
  • [ibilon] Fix doc generation script
  • Update for new version of openfl


  • Speed improvements for openfl-bitfive
  • Template improved to match asset folder names
  • [fserb] Added ImageMask
  • [XXLTomate] Added pause/resume function to Graphic
  • [ibilon] Fix key mapping on native
  • [ibilon] Tilemap and Canvas can be scaled
  • Fix Flash memory leak (multitouch)
  • [ibilon] Nameless images can be flipped
  • [kpaekn] scaled images were not flipped correctly on native
  • [ibilon] Image can take BitmapData on native
  • [ibilon] Sound wouldn't stop at end on native
  • [ibilon] Backdrop rendered one too many rows/columns
  • Added Ouya controller mapping
  • [ibilon] Trace capture is now optional for console
  • [fserb] Fix canvas rendering on native
  • [fserb] Tilemap rendering fixes
  • [ibilon] destroy old graphic when changed
  • [ibilon] Text alpha rendering fix
  • Several additions from FlashPunk
  • Improved documentation


  • [ibilon] Fix circle/grid collision
  • [ibilon] Fix grid debug overlay
  • [ibilon] Fix moveAtAngle
  • [elnabo] Fix Tilemap/Grid load from array


  • [ibilon] Changed render mode to BUFFER for HTML5
  • Matching OpenFL 2x2 matrix ordering change in 1.0.2
  • [elnabo] Fixed/added load from array for Tilemap and Grid
  • [ibilon] Allow setHitboxTo for all targets
  • Allow renderMode to be set in Engine constructor
  • Fixed seamless Sfx looping on native targets
  • Added Xbox button configuration for Mac
  • Fixing flipped images when angle != 0
  • Changed joystick axis to start at 0 instead of 1


  • Adding OpenFL support
  • [julsam] Xbox controller support
  • [MaskedPixel] Improved scaling, atlas layer management
  • [MALHCat] apply parent position to image render
  • [squiddingme] spritemaps animate the same in fixed timestep mode
  • Fixed Tilemap usePositions for native rendering
  • Added HXP.fullscreen to toggle between windowed and fullscreen modes
  • Various fixes from FlashPunk


  • (Native) Draw working on hardware targets
  • (Native) PreRotation frameAngle renders correctly
  • (Native) Image scale and origin matches Flash
  • (Native) Added support for Emitter frames
  • [XXLTomate] Fixed upper/lower case input
  • [MaskedPixel] Fixed width/height for Image/Text
  • [MaskedPixel] Fixed ghost text in Flash
  • [thecodethinker] Added a cross method to Vector
  • [DjPale] Check that scene exists in onCamera
  • [julsam] Fix debug renderEntities when entity's scroll is != 1
  • [julsam] Allow Draw.line() to draw out of the screen boundaries
  • [XXLTomate] fixed memory leak for non flash targets
  • (Native) Fixed Text.color
  • [MaskedPixel] should be favored over


  • [raistlin] Ready for Haxe 3 and Neko 2
  • PreRotation no longer throws null error on Flash
  • HXP.RAD and HXP.DEG cause angles to spin the same on all targets
  • Fixed tearing issues with scaled Tilemaps
  • Fixed Text not showing and scaled position
  • Added HXP.orientations to restrict orientation modes on mobile devices
  • Debug draw for Grid looks correct in scaled scenes
  • Atlases share rendering data for identical images
  • [FlashPunk] Added filtered volume/pan to Sfx


  • [stevedecoded] Added Entity.moveAtAngle
  • [nadako] Fixed Scene not working (World officially deprecated)
  • Improved Atlas memory management


  • Major performance improvements on native targets
  • Text is hardware accelerated
  • Hardware acceleration is turned on automatically for every graphic class
  • Renamed World to Scene (although World still exists as a wrapper)
  • Multitouch support
  • Added Atlas functions (destroy, destroyAll, count)
  • [scriptorum] Updated keycodes for NME 3.5.5
  • [YAYitsAndrew] Fixed image scaling factor
  • [YAYitsAndrew] added HXP.alarm and delay support to HXP.tween
  • Fixed console watch order
  • Added default HaxePunk icon for new projects
  • Image.createRect and Image.createCircle work on all targets


  • Added clipping to Atlas regions
  • Added drawCallThreshold and smooth variables to Atlas (improves rendering)


  • Bug fixes for x/y scaling values
  • World.getClass handles any input class (for interfaces)


  • Fixed Tilemap rendering when camera moves (cpp/neko)
  • Initializing _count in Masklist to prevent neko crash
  • [AndyLi] Correctly resize the source of Text


  • Hardware acceleration using TextureAtlas and the display list
  • [DelishusCake] moveBy now checks moveCollideX/Y before moving


  • [MattTuttle] Improved joystick support (multiple axis, pressed/checked buttons)
  • [MaskedPixel] Fixed inline HXP.colorLerp on native targets
  • [MattTuttle] Updated to work with NME 3.5.x
  • [Lythom|MattTuttle] Added mouseWheelDelta and mouseCursor to Input class
  • [MattTuttle] Fixed drawToScreen when blendMode is null
  • [MattTuttle] Reorganized template assets folder


  • Get mouseX/mouseY correctly even when FP.screen is translated/rotated
  • Enforce frame index to stay within frame count boundaries
  • Refactor FP.approach and FP.clamp to return sooner
  • Prevent multiline Text objects from having final line cut off
  • [MattTuttle] Masklist supports Circle/Polygon and debugDraw
  • [MaskedPixel] fixed infinite loop when calling removeTween on the same tween


  • [Lythom] world.collidePoint returns the topmost entity
  • [YAYitsAndrew] Tween.cancel added from FlashPunk
  • [zlumer/MattTuttle] Tween handles events (start, update, finish)
  • [MaskedPixel] Image originX/Y corrected to match FlashPunk
  • [MattTuttle/tangzero] Improved template creation (haxelib run HaxePunk new ...)
  • [MaskedPixel] Merged several changes from FlashPunk to HaxePunk
  • [MattTuttle] haxelib uses include.nmml file
  • [MattTuttle] addGraphic no longer creates a list when graphic=null
  • [MattTuttle] console can be removed entirely from a build


  • [jgroeneveld] HXP.tween fix for native targets
  • [jgroeneveld] Fixed spritemap for native targets
  • [andyli] API improvements and for loop optimizations
  • [MaskedPixel] Fixed entities missing world reference when remove called
  • [MaskedPixel] Entity can have instance names
  • Added a new preloader, requires gfx/preloader folder


  • Entity.addGraphic now correctly adds the new graphic if a list is created
  • Fixed text resizing when wordwrap is true and resizable is false
  • Removed automatic extensions from Sfx class
  • VarTween and MultiVarTween now support properties
  • Fixed more initialization errors in neko


  • Improved console output (memory usage, handles properties, terminal output)
  • Added HXP.round for rounding to the nearest decimal
  • Added width/height to Stamp [mkosler]


  • Fixed black background on Text graphics
  • Updated Text class with extra options
  • scaleHeight in Entity is now scaledHeight
  • Console draws properly when window resizes
  • Added global tweener
  • Functions added for focus gained/lost
  • Added Draw.text
  • Fixed several neko bugs


  • bug fixes to Circle/Mask collision
  • setHitboxTo now properly sets the entity dimensions
  • improved examples
  • removed unnecessary property getter/setter functions
  • general code cleanup


  • [MarekkPie] moveBy/moveTowards can now handle Array as well as String values.
  • added version info to first line of the console log
  • Tilemap constructor now handles asset strings
  • added platformer example project
  • fixed several neko crash bugs (initialize to zero)
  • Image.createRect fixed so it no longer creates a transparent image
  • fixed circle-circle collision
  • improved BitmapData size restrictions for flash10


  • Fixed compilation errors for neko and html5 targets
  • Changed grid to use a boolean array instead of BitmapData
  • Added HXP.createBitmap to handle BitmapData creation. It checks dimensions and converts the color format in neko
  • Minor adjustments to build.xml to ease development
  • Fixed flash.Capabilities compile error for html5 target


  • Screen can now be resized. This is done by destroying the BitmapData buffer object and recreating it.
  • Fixed several crash bugs in cpp targets


  • Initial port