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This is more of a warning/wish for an alternative to cookies. As you might all know in Europe it is forbidden to track people with cookies (or localstorage or alike) without telling users that you are. In countries like the Netherlands they've gone even futher (Opt-in), here you have to ask permission before you can place cookies. It is only allowed to place cookies that are essential to the web experience (like shopping carts login sessions etc). Although you could argue that this is essential to the web experience, I don't think the Dutch Goverment is going to like it if you send screen resolutions to the server, since it is essentially tracking.

Plausible solution

So that is a long story for probably a small change. I was thinking myself of something like a hook where you can check whether the cookie-allowed cookie can be checked.


Thinking of this it might also be smart to listen to a DNT header.


I've been over the UK law with this, AI is exempt under UK law because the cookie is essential for the site functionality. It also helps that the UK switched stance to say that there is implied consent, having argued for a year or two that it shouldn't be implied.

I am not interested in providing a work-around for incredibly dumb EU Directives (not laws) that, as proven with the UK, just fall flat on their face and in the end are meaningless.

Feel free to fork if you like, but my stance is this isn't a real world issue.

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