A pathofexile guide/Data Dump on the mechanics of every type of minion and minion related uniques.
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Hi Guys. Long time summoner player here.

mattc3303 on the official forums, /r/pathofexile, and official Dischord

I think it is about time we Necromancers compile far flung details on the mechanics of minions all in one place.

Official Forum Thread https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1617098

Please use the official thread if you would like to contribute/ask any minion related questions

If there is any error in the guide itself please create an issue on github

Special Thanks and Collaborators:

  • /u/BluePikMin - providing a lot of knowledge on minions in general
  • @leary93 - providing video content and general minion knowledge => His YouTube
  • @Angryafrican - for being a great minion twitch streamer => his Twitch
  • @Ghazzy - for being a great minion twitch streamer and for his help introducing summoners to new players => his Twitch
  • @Minion Players - for providing minion related information on the forums and /r/pathofexile, I read these often
  • @GGG - for making this wonderful game in which I sinked way more hours and money than I care to admit
  • A patch-note log of anything minion related
  • A guide on the basics mechanics of minions
  • Minion Related Passives and Ascendancy Notables
  • In Depth Minion Mechanics
  • Minion related Unique items/Interesting unique interactions
  • Raise Spectre Library
    • Very Detailed information on every useful spectre in the game from skills used, locations, videos, ect
  • Summon Golem Info
  • Skill gem Minions
  • Item Spawned Minions
  • Minion Skill gem / supports
  • Useful links and Resources

This Thread will be in PERMA Work In Progress Mode. Keep your ideas and information coming.

To get started use the TOC below for topics you are interested in.

Table of Contents