Node library to communicate with Avalara AvaTax
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Node library to make requests to the Avalara Avatax API


npm install --save avatax


Supports these features of Avalara's Avatax REST API:

  • Validate. Normalizes a single US or Canadian address, providing a non-ambiguous address match.
  • GetTax. Calculates taxes on a document such as a sales order, sales invoice, purchase order, purchase invoice, or credit memo.
  • EstimateTax. Retrieves tax rate details for the supplied geographic coordinates and sale amount.



var AvaTax = require("avatax");
var avatax = new AvaTax(username, password, [options]);
  • username: String. Required. Typically your account number.
  • password: String. Required. Typically your license key.
  • options: Object. Optional.
    • options.development: Boolean. Defaults to false


avatax.validateAddress(address, callback);
  • address: address Object (see below). Required.
  • callback: Function. Called with two arguments: err and validatedAddress
    • err: null or Error
    • validatedAddress: the validated and transformed address data


avatax.getTax(taxObject, callback);
  • taxObject: Object. Required. (See Avalara Documentation for full options)
  • callback: Function. Called with two arguments: err and result
    • err: null or Error
    • result: tax calculation object for the taxObject provided


avatax.estimateTax(latitude, longitude, amount, callback);
  • latitude: Number. Required.
  • longitude: Number. Required.
  • amount: Number. Required.
  • callback: Function. Called with two arguments: err and result
    • err: null or Error
    • result: basic tax calculation object for the coordinates and amount provided.

Object types


An object representing an order with the following properties:

  • CustomerCode: String. Required.
  • DocDate: String or Date. If String, format must be "YYYY-MM-DD". Defaults to new Date().
  • Commit: Boolean. Defaults to false.
  • CurrencyCode: String. 3 character ISO 4217 compliant currency code. Defaults to "USD"
  • Lines: Array of line objects (see below). Required.
  • Addresses: Array of address objects (see below). Required.

See Avalara's documentation for a full list of fields.


An object representing address data with the following properties:

  • Line1: String. Required unless Latitude and Longitude, or TaxRegionId is present.
  • Line2: String. Optional.
  • Line3: String. Optional.
  • PostalCode: String. Required unless City and Region are present.
  • City: String. Required with Region unless PostalCode is present.
  • Region: String. Required with City unless PostalCode is present.
  • Country: String. Optional.
  • Latitude: Number. Must be accompanied by Longtitude. Can be used in getTax() instead of Line1 and PostalCode or City plus Region.
  • Longitude: Number
  • TaxRegionId: Number. Optional. If present, no other above address field is required.
  • AddressCode: String. Required when used in getTax(). Used in conjunction with line objects (see below).

See Avalara's documentation for full options and usage.


An object representing a line item in an order (e.g. product, shipping) with the following properties:

  • LineNo: String. Required.
  • Qty: Number. Required.
  • Amount: Number. Required.
  • ItemCode: String.
  • DestinationCode: String. Required. Corresponds to LocationCode in Address objects. See address above.
  • OriginCode: String. Required. Corresponds to LocationCode in Address objects. See address above.

See Avalara's Documentation for full options.


  1. run npm install
  2. copy and rename authentication_template.json to authenticate.json, and fill in your credentials
    • authentication.json is in .gitignore, so therefore won't be added to the repo
  3. run npm test