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Matter Kit

A base WordPress theme.


First, install Yeoman and generator-matter-kit using npm (we assume you have pre-installed node.js).

npm install -g yo
npm install -g generator-matter-kit

Then you can call the subgenerators!

yo matter-kit:install-core
yo matter-kit:install-theme
yo matter-kit:install-styleguide
yo matter-kit:install-components
yo matter-kit:create-component

Setting up with Chassis

Firstly, cd to where your projects will be set up. We'll create a new directory for this project - change the variables to match your needs.

mkdir "$PROJECT"
git clone --recursive
cd Chassis
yo matter-kit:setup

Fill out the prompts from the matter-kit:setup generator, which builds the local config file for Chassis. We've opted to use the WordPress default content folder names to better align with the usual live environments we face.

mkdir wp-content
cd wp-content
mkdir themes
mkdir plugins
cd themes
mkdir "$THEME"
cd "$THEME"
yo matter-kit:install-core
yo matter-kit:install-theme

Fill out the prompts for the theme installation.

git init
git add -A .
git commit -m "Initial commit"
yo matter-kit:install-styleguide

Fill out the prompts for the styleguide, choosing colours, the primary typeface and primary typeface sizing.

vagrant up --provision
vagrant ssh
wp site empty --yes

Empty the WP installation of it's dummy data.

wp theme activate theme-name
wp user create mttr-test --role=administrator
wp user delete 1 --reassign=2

Note the password for the user so you can log in.

wp option set default_comment_status closed;
wp post create --post_type=page --post_title='Home' --post_status=publish
wp post create --post_type=page --post_title='Blog' --post_status=publish
wp option update page_on_front 1
wp option update show_on_front page
wp option update page_for_posts 2
wp rewrite structure '/blog/%postname%/' --hard
wp option set blog_public 0
wp option update admin_email
wp option update blogname "My Project"
wp option update blogdescription ""
wp option update timezone_string "Australia/Brisbane"
wp option update thumbnail_size_w "768"
wp option update thumbnail_size_h "768"
wp option update medium_size_w "960"
wp option update medium_size_h "960"
wp option update large_size_w "1280"
wp option update large_size_h "1280"
wp core language install en_AU
wp option update WPLANG "en_AU"
wp plugin install akismet --activate
wp plugin install duplicate-post --activate
wp plugin install manual-image-crop --activate
wp plugin install regenerate-thumbnails --activate
wp plugin install stream --activate
wp plugin install shortpixel-image-optimiser --activate
wp plugin install wordpress-seo --activate
wp plugin install wp-author-slug --activate
wp plugin install
wp plugin install
wp plugin install
wp menu create "Primary"
wp menu location assign Primary primary
wp menu create "Secondary"
wp menu location assign Secondary secondary
wp menu create "Footer"
wp menu location assign Footer footer
wp menu create "Legal"
wp menu location assign Legal legal
yo matter-kit:install-components

Choose the components you wish to install. Several are checked by default, because they're commonly used across all installs.

Note that this installation process doesn't install Advanced Custom Fields Pro, which is a necessary WordPress plugin for using the Matter Kit theme base. We also recommend installing Gravity Forms, however the installation will work without that.

npm install

Run the install to download the frontend dependencies and get the build process going.


Dual licensed under MIT & GPLv2

© 2016 - 2017 Matter Solutions