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An experimental microservice for retrieving TypeScript compiler option details
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tsconfig api

⚠️ This project is currently experimental. It is incomplete and can introduce breaking changes at any time. Do not use in production until v1 😁

This API takes the TypeScript CLI options and makes them available via a microservice API. The data is initially created by running the createData.ts script on a stripped version of the compiler options handbook file (find the markdown version here). The API is a microservice built on Node.js. It uses now for build and deployment.

Use this API by making a GET request to<compiler option>

Don't forget to pass a valid compiler option to the option query parameter!

Available compiler options

List generated by running Object.keys(require('./src/tsconfig-data.json'))

Click to reveal list



This project was created in preparation for future tools that will utilize the TypeScript compiler options. Currently planned are a web app and a command line interface for learning about and creating tsconfig files / tsc compile commands.


Open an issue if you'd like to report a bug or request a feature.

Pull requests are welcome to, but please make sure to indicate what issue you are solving beforehand.

By contributing to this project you agree to our Code of Conduct

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