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split the mp4s out of your motion photo
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Matthew Alner
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What this does

It's a command line ruby script that splits your S7/S7 Edge motion photos in to a (now smaller) jpg and a mp4.

The files will be saved in the same folder the original image.


- You want Ruby on you path (tested with 2.4.3)
- Install Bundler if you don't have it ```$ gem install bundler```
- Then run a ```$ bundle install```

Examples of use

$ motionPhotoExtractor.rb -p /Users/YourName/Desktop/Desktop/FolderWithMotionPhotosInIt


$ motionPhotoExtractor.rb -p /Users/YourName/Desktop/Desktop/FolderWithMotionPhotosInIt/OnePhoto.jpg


$ motionPhotoExtractor.rb [options]

Short Long Description
-p --path=PATH Path of the Motion Photos photo folder
-v --[no-]delete Delete the original image after split
-h --help Prints help
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