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A plugin for ExpressionEngine to work with YouTube & Vimeo input (ID, link, embed) and output ID, link, embed or SWFObject 2.x code.
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Vidio - Using YouTube, Vimeo and hopefully others at some point
Input a link, embed, or ID and output a link, proper embed, ID or SWFObject 2.x code.

{exp:vidio format="object" width="480" height="340"}{/exp:vidio}
Will output the player from just the url

{exp:vidio format="id"}{/exp:vidio}
Will output the video ID from a URL or embed code

{exp:vidio format="link"}<object ... />{/exp:vidio}
Will output the link from a embed code

{exp:vidio format="so" id="myContent" replace="myContainer"}<object ... />{/exp:vidio}
Will output the video using SWFObject 2.x format
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