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A PHP class that examines websites to learn about the software used.
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Pronounced like CMS. This class will scan for known software running on a given website and report it back. Simple to expand, easily to implement. See the file for functions and usage until I can write a better version here.

Example Usage and Output

# Initialize.
$seemes = new Seemes();
# Fetch page and spoof as Chrome.
$page = $seemes->fetchUrl('', true);
# Set what we want to filter by, nothing for all.
$search_for = array();
# Begin the searching...
$results = $seemes->checkMetaTags(&$page, $results);
$results = $seemes->checkScriptTags(&$page, $results, &$search_for);
$results = $seemes->checkPageText(&$page, $results, &$search_for);
$analytics = $seemes->getAccounts(&$page);

    [0] => Reinvigorate
    [1] => Google Analytics

    [0] => Google Analytics: UA-315321-4
    [1] => Reinvigorate: n5e27-9j4m6p6586

Command Line Example

This will run through a CSV of domains output by Open Site Explorer and append the CMS and any Analytics accounts it finds. Read through the comments in the files to learn more about what's going on.

./command_line_example.php 7


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