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snesimg v0.2 - Convert images to SNES Format with Palette
By Matthew Callis /
-f	string		input filename can be anyone one of: TIFF, BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, ICO, PSD, XBM, CUR, TGA, PICT, EPS
-c	asm/-		the format of the palette; asm outputs in '.db $##, $##' format, otherwise it defaults to raw .clr format
-pf	string		palette filename; if none it defaults to the input filename
-w	int		overide width of image
-h	int		overide height of image
-d	YES/NO		verbose information printed on screen\n

Example: snesimg -f sprite-32x32.png -w 128 -h 32 -c asm

Many Thanks to creaothceann, byuu and everyone else at for help on the linux version that helped me replace my crappy osx version with a proper one