Start a simple web server from the current directory on a given port.
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srvr is a simple script to run a web server on a given port from the current directory.

I needed to test a simple template but didn't want to mess with moving it to ~/Sites/ or upload it to my server or put it WEBrick server due to the memory usage, and short of all that I couldn't find a simple solution.

To install, simply copy the srvr script to /usr/local/bin and chmod 0755 srvr. An example use might be:

    cd ~/Desktop/collections
    ... coding and testing for a while
    srvr --kill

Full options are listed below:

    usage: srvr [OPTIONS]
    options [and defaults] are:
      -p | --port            the port to run the current server on, port 8000 by default
      -s | --server          which server to setup, lighttpd is used by default
      -k | --kill            stops any currently running srvr servers
                                 lighttpd, nginx, cherokee
      -i | --install         installs almost everything needed to get a server running
      -d | --doctor          checks for missing dependencies and other issues
      -h | --help            shows this help screen
      -v | --version         shows srvr version

Any help making the configs better would be appreciated, it should be enough to get running; I didn't focus on adding any advanced functionality or support for PHP but it shouldn't be too hard and I may add it in the future.