Allow users to create quotes in the Skype clipboard format.
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Skype Quote Creator

A simple WinForms app that allows the user to create a new quote in Skype's clipboard format.

Get the application

You can download the application from the following sources:

Application Description
Recommended ClickOnce installer with automatic updates
Stand-alone Stand-alone executable

Skype clipboard format

When a Skype quote is copied to the clipboard, the data object looks something like this:

Format Description
System.String Plain-text message
Text Plain-text message
UnicodeText Plain-text message
OEMText Plain-text message
SkypeMessageFragment MemoryStream containing UTF8 Skype message fragment (see below)
Locale MemoryStream containing Cultural identifier (LCID)


A simple XML string in the following format: <quote author="AuthorName" timestamp="Timestamp">MessageText</quote>, where AuthorName is the Skype user name of the message author, MessageText is the message text itself, and Timestamp is the number of seconds since the Unix epoch. The actual fragment from Skype contains a few more attributes, but they can be ignored for the purposes of this simple app!


Copyright 2013-2016 Matthew King.


Skype Quote Creator is licensed under the MIT License. Refer to license.txt for more information.