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Reaction Stats/Scoreboard for Discord
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What can it do?

  1. Have the bot scrape your server's history with scoreboard scrape here (current channel) or scoreboard scrape everywhere (all channels). At some point, there might be a limit on how far back the bot will search.
  2. See stats:
  • scoreboard emojis: See what emojis are most often used in reactions
  • scoreboard received :100: See who has received the most 💯 reactions
  • scoreboard sent :+1: See who has sent the most 👍 reactions

What information does the bot store?

To track usage stats, the bot has a database containing a giant table of:

  • Guild ID
  • Channel ID
  • Message ID
  • User IDs (sender and target)
  • Reaction Identifier

It does not contain any message content information, and the identifiers are just large numbers (not emails or anything).

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