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hogan.js as a component.


$ component install matthewmueller/hogan


var hogan = require('hogan'),
    obj = { name : 'matt', age : 23 }
    str = 'hi my name is {{name}}, I am {{age}} years old.';

// Compile the function
var tpl = hogan.compile(str);
tpl(obj); // => hi my name is matt, I am 23 years old.'

// Or.. compile and render immediately
hogan(str, obj);


hogan(str, [obj], [opts])

Compile and render str given the context obj. Use opts to pass options directly into the hogan compiler.

hogan#compile(str, [opts])

Compile a mustache str. Optional opts to pass optiosn directly to the hogan compiler. Return a template function which you can invoke.

var tpl = hogan.compile('Hello from {{location}}!');
tpl('Kyoto, Japan'); // Hello from Kyoto, Japan!



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