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Pokemon GPT-2

This repo contains EVERYTHING you need to train a GPT-2 model with images of your choosing THEN generate new images with that model.

Google Colab Notebooks

There's a good chance you can do what you want directly with Google Colab (and use a shiny free GPU):


For those of you (sickos!) that want to run this code locally, here is a rundown of the key files:

  • - Converts images into a text-based format for training.
  • - Converts text-based image format into a PNG.
  • - Trains a GPT-2 model with input text.
  • - Generates images with a trained model.
  • misc/ - This folder contains things that are probably not useful but were used in this project. USE AT YOUR OWN PERIL !
    • image-to-text.js - The original Javascript implementation of image-to-text (outofdate!)
    • remove-background.js - Removes white surrounding an image and replaces with transparent pixels.
    • resize.js - Centers images into a certain size. I don't remember why I didn't just use imagemagick, but I must have had a good reason.
    • text-to-image.js - The original Javascript implementation of text-to-image (outofdate!)


So you want to do the thing ? You don't just want to use the Google Colab Notebook ? Weird, but okay try this:

  1. Install the requirements. People like to do that like this: pip install -r requirements.txt
  2. Get your input images into a folder. I used a bunch of Pokemon sprites all sized to 64x64.
  3. Convert those images into a big text file like this: python images/*.png > all-image.txt
  4. Modify (i trust you) to your liking. Good stuff start at line 8. More steps = more training.
  5. Run and wait a long time !
  6. Make a folder named "output". (yeah yeah)
  7. Now modify to your needs. Line 6-9 and line 27. Temp in line 35 controls "craziness" of output.
  8. Run and wait a long time !
  9. Turn the output texts into images with: python output/*.txt
  10. Enjoy your sprites in output folder !
  11. Tweak input, settings, etc. and repeat !

Pre-Trained Model

If you want to generate sprites with a model already trained on Pokemon sprites you can download my model here:

To use this, make a folder named "checkpoint" and place the unzipped pokemon-gpt-2-multigen-250000 folder there then follow above instructions from step 8 on.

Thanks !

Big thanks to the GPT-2-Simple project by Max Woolf. I wouldn't have done any of this if that project hadn't made GPT-2 work so straight forward.


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