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HDF5 for Python -- The h5py package is a Pythonic interface to the HDF5 binary data format.
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README file for h5py version 2.1.1


  * Main website:
  * Source code:
  * Mailing list: h5py at googlegroups


You need, at a minimum:

  * HDF5 1.8.3 or later on Linux (On Windows, h5py ships with HDF5)
  * Python 2.6, 2.7 or 3.2
  * Any modern version of NumPy


  * Cython 0.13 or later, to build from a git checkout
  * If using Python 2.6, unittest2 is needed to run the tests

Installing from tarball

Run the following commands:

  * python build [--hdf5=/path/to/hdf5]
  * python test   # optional
  * [sudo] python install

Installing via easy_install

Run the following commands:
  * export HDF5_DIR=/path/to/hdf5   # optional
  * [sudo] easy_install h5py

Building from a Git checkout (UNIX)

We have switched development to GitHub.  Here's how to build
h5py from source:

  * Clone the project:
    $ git clone

  * Generate the Cython files which talk to HDF5:
    $ cd h5py/h5py
    $ python

  * Build the project (this step also auto-compiles the .c files)
    $ cd ..
    $ python build [--hdf5=/path/to/hdf5]

  * Run the unit tests (optional)
    $ python test

Reporting bugs

  * Bug reports are always welcome at the GitHub tracker.  Please don't be
    offended if it takes a while to respond to your report... we value user
    input and take all bugs seriously.

  * If you're not sure you have a bug, or want to ask any question at all
    about h5py or HDF5, post to the mailing list (h5py at Google Groups).
    This list is read by the main developers of h5py, as well as the user
    community.  As a bonus, posting to the list means that other people with
    similar problems can find your question and the responses.

  * You're always free to email the author directly at [andrew dot collette
    at gmail dot com].

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