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A collection of moving objects in Conway's Game of Life.

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This is a collection of moving objects found in Conway's Game of Life.
It extends part of Jason Summers' jslife collection.  Older c/3 and 2c/5
collections by David Bell and Paul Tooke are also incorporated without
modification (see velocity-c3/c3-extended and velocity-2c5/2c5-extended).

All patterns are presented in RLE format, which should be recognized by
most Life programs.

The collection focuses on elementary-based technology and includes the
following types of patterns:

* Elementary spaceships
* Puffers and rakes
* Wickstretchers and wavestretchers
* A few incomplete spaceship components

NOT included are these types of patterns:

* Large engineered spaceships and puffers (e.g. Caterpillar, Gemini)
* Growing spaceships - pattens whose head travels faster than their tail
* Non-linear growth patterns (e.g. breeders)

Matthias Merzenich


A collection of moving objects in Conway's Game of Life.






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