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Ease your implementation with itsme
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Itsme® client

This library's purpose it to make your server's communication with itsme® more pleasant.

itsme-client discovers the OpenID configuration of itsme and allows you to easily exchange tokens without worrying about fetching, caching, signing and encrypting.


  • Endpoint discovery
  • Exchanging an Authorization Token
  • Extracting claims from an ID Token
  • Getting claims from the User Info endpoint
  • Extracting your public keys as a JWK Set
  • Decrypting and verifying JWTs
  • Encrypting and signing JWTs
  • Key rollover
  • Normalizing returned values

The library is written in TypeScript, so typings are available. Plain Node.js will also work.


Initialize ItsmeClient

import { createKeyStore, IdentityProvider, ItsmeClient } from 'itsme-client';

async function initItsmeClient() {
    const itsmeDiscoveryUrl = '';
    const itsmeProvider = await;
    return new ItsmeClient(itsmeProvider, {
        clientId: 'your client id here',
        keyStore: await createKeyStore(yourJwkSet),

Obtaining user info with an Authorization token

import { ItsmeClient } from 'itsme-client';

async function wrapper(itsmeClient: ItsmeClient) {
    const token = await itsmeClient.exchangeAuthorizationCode(
        'Authorization code here',
        'https://your-redirect.url/here', // The callback used to acquire the Authorization code

    // Get the user info via the userInfo endpoint
    const userInfo = await itsmeClient.userInfoComplete(token.access_token);

    // Same thing with intermediary steps
    const userInfoJwt = await itsmeClient.userInfo(accessToken);
    const decryptedUserInfo = await itsmeClient.decryptUserInfo(userInfoJwt);
    const userInfoStepByStep = await itsmeClient.verifyUserInfo(decryptedUserInfo);

    // Or get the claims via the ID Token
    const idTokenPayload = await itsmeClient.decryptAndVerifyIdToken(token.id_token);

Extracting your public keys as a JWK Set

This library supports extracting your public keys as a JWK Set for easy exposure via URL or other means.


Responses contains examples of responses of certain methods.

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