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This code is in the progress of being rewritten for 64bit

  • done: convert all Xcode projects to 64bit

  • TODO: move build environment ot cmake

  • TODO:

  • NEWT / 0 for

NEWT / 0 Apple's PDA "Newton" was in the running of the original prototype implementation NewtonScript-oriented language. NewtonScript from the command line to read the source code can be executed shortly.

  • Operating Environment

    Mac OS X Darwin Linux FreeBSD Windows BeOS

  • How to compile

    • Mac OS X 10.3 or higher Xcode by the extension. Xcode project to compile

    • Mac OS X 10.2: / Darwin

    • Linux

    • BeOS to make

    • FreeBSD GNU make (gmake) to make use

    • Windows To make on MinGW + MSYS

About * doxygen

doxygen doxygen.conf document from the source code can be generated. Doxygen.conf according to the environment and please correct.

For example: # Cd misc # Doxygen Doxyfile

 # Doxygen Doxyfile.en
  • Other

    • Mac OS X has to work with. DS_Store files and other garbage may be mixed
  • Terms of distribution

Please refer to the file COPYING.ja.

  • Author

Comments, bug reports others.

  • Make CMake

mkdir _Build_; cd _Build_ mkdir Debug; cd Debug cmake --DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug ../..

mkdir _Build_; cd _Build_ mkdir Release; cd Release cmake --DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release ../..

mkdir _Build_; cd _Build_ mkdir Release; cd Release cmake -P Xcode ../..