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Creative Coding

I started this creative code library as a 30-days-chellange. I split the code up in cc-sketch and examples that stayed here. I create the code with Haxe (I'm currently only focussing on the JavaScript target but with Haxe that could easily change). Do you want to know more about this beautiful programming language: README_HAXE.MD!

Most of my library code is inspired or based upon the work of George Gally, Seb Lee-Delisle, Matt DesLauriers (and probably many more) but they used a dynamic language (JavaScript) for. I want to us Haxe. So my start is a little bit slower converting everything to Haxe; a strictly typed language, but in the end this will help me to work faster.

You can seen my progress on this page:

But if you don't want to see animations, and mouse interactions: I have created a gallery document.

This is not my first attempt, so if you want to check out my previous attempt: This attempt was to create pattern in .svg.


It's good to set some goals when working on something

  • get started with creative-coding
  • work on it for 30 days (30 days challenge)
  • Instagram as primary way of distribution my sketches (social platform)
  • connect twitter via IFTTT and Instagram
  • create my own CC (creative coding) library based upon other artist work
  • create 30 animation/images that have a creative source
  • some sketches are just trying out code
  • after 30 sketches (animation/visuals), I will focus less on this magical number and focus on sketches with sound/video/api/
  • split code up (cc-sketch)
  • have a talk about my experience
  • get better at it (daily goal)

check my todo from some indepth todo's about this experiment


After reading the article of George Gally it got me thinking. Yes, I liked the way Flash worked as well. And all the stuff that Flash can do, modern browsers can do as wel.

So why not give it a try...

Read more


I want to create mostly in black and white. But colours will be nice (sometimes... occasionally). To make sure it will not cost too much time, I will be using:


This is Haxe specific, it's just here FYI

-lib hxquicksettings
-lib thx.color
-lib hxColorToolkit
-lib msignal
-lib mloader
-lib uglifyjs

and my own lib

-lib cc-sketch

Read more about it


I am only focusing on getting it to work on Chrome... just giving you a heads-up! And I am not concerned with optimisation: you fan will sometimes spike! Perhaps also useful to know: resizing might have unexpected results... also not really focussing on


I have created a TODO.MD, that keeps me in my IDE and helps structure progress.

Important stuff:

  • start lib
  • add animation engine
  • create navigation for sketches


liveserver https

creative code




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