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I was looking for a simple and quick way to start a little blog. Preverably cheaply (free) hosted.

I quickly found out that you could do that on github and you need a static website. Best blogging solution is Jekyll.

But for all my hobby projects I us Haxe, so I was looking for someone who had the same idea and did the heavy lifting for me.

Haxe has a very active communinity so it was not that difficult to find: Tong created Cyberchrist a Blog generator tool.
Sadly the project doesn't work out-of-the-box, so I need to rewrite/refector/recode.

That is also the reason I renamed the project to CyberMonk.

CyberMonk version

Based upon the excellent work of Tong, I start with cyberchrist version 0.3.2 but, because of some rewriting, the first version of CyberMonk will be 0.4.0.


The project is written in Haxe and copiled to Neko

if you want to compile it yourself you need to install (besides Haxe) the next libs:

haxelib install markdown
haxelib install mconsole

Sources used

An icon from

Haxe (lib) Markdown

For styling I am using Basscss

Haxe templates

Read more about Markdown

Mou - Markdown editor for developers. Mou


├── _config.json
├── _drafts
|   └──
├── _layout
|   ├── index.html
|   └── post.html
├── _posts
|   └──
└── index.html

How to use

Open terminal
drag cybermonk into your terminal and press enter.

CyberMonk 0.4.2
     Usage : cybermonk <command>
     Commands :
          start : Start new project (default files and templates)
          build : Build project
          clean : Remove all generated files
          convertimage : Generate markdown files from _img folder
          post : Create a post
          update : Update templates
          config : Print project config
          help : Print this help
          version : Print CyberMonk version

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