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I plan to implement as many of the ideas I have as possible. Any code I produce is under the MIT-license. Ofcourse code I include from others is under that specific license, I will try to be as clear about this as possible.

Anything that's not code, like texts and images is under CC-by-NC.

Idea 821: Dualbooks

Learn a new language by reading a book. You can contribute by adding new chapters or books. See the readme inside the project for more info.

Read about the idea in full on Or try it out: read an example chapter.

Idea 131: Rebelmore

Suggestions to become more of a creative rebel, inspired by the quote "Where's your will to be weird" by Jim Morrison. Gives a different suggestion everyday.

Read about the idea in full on Or try it out: the 'reasonable' version or the extreme version.