Aspect oriented programming for PHP.
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Aspect PHP

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AspectPHP brings Aspect Oriented Programming to PHP.

It allows hooking into most of the class methods that are not provided by the PHP Core.


AspectPHP requires at least PHP 5.3. No additional packages or extensions are required.



Add the github repository to your composer config and require matthimatiker/aspectphp:

    "repositories": [
             "type": "vcs",
             "url": ""
    "require": {
        "matthimatiker/aspectphp" : "dev-master"

Install AspectPHP via

php composer.phar install


Before using AspectPHP the environment must be initialized.

Add the following lines after setting the include path:

// Set up your include path here.

$environment = new AspectPHP_Environment();


Create Aspect

Aspects are simple classes that implement the AspectPHP_Aspect interface:

class DemoAspect implements AspectPHP_Aspect

Aspect classes contain advices and pointcuts. Advice methods contain the code that is executed if an extension point is reached. Pointcuts identify the extension points that trigger the advice. Annotations are used to bind pointcuts to advices:

class DemoAspect implements AspectPHP_Aspect
     * @return AspectPHP_Pointcut
    public function pointcutDemoMethods()
        return new AspectPHP_Pointcut_RegExp('Demo::.*');
     * Outputs the method name before its execution.
     * @param AspectPHP_JoinPoint $joinPoint
     * @before pointcutDemoMethods()
    public function beforeExecution(AspectPHP_JoinPoint $joinPoint)
        echo 'before ' . $joinPoint->getMethod() . PHP_EOL;

This aspect contains an advice (beforeExecution()) that references a pointcut (pointcutDemoMethods()). The advice will be executed whenever a method of the Demo class is executed.

The used annotation determines when an advice is executed in relation to the method that triggered it:

  • before - The advice is executed before the method.
  • afterReturning - The advice is executed when the method returned a value or finished, but not if an exception was thrown.
  • afterThrowing - The advice is only executed if the method throws an exception.
  • after - The advice is executed after the method, regardless whether the method finished with a return value or an exception.

Register Aspect

To activate an aspect an instance of the class must be registered at the aspect manager.

The manager can be retrieved from the environment:

$manager = $environment->getManager();

The register() method is used to add the aspect:

$manager->register(new DemoAspect());

Afterwards each call to a Demo method triggers the beforeExecution() advice:

$demo = new Demo();
// Displays "before sayHello" and executes sayHello() afterwards.