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PYSIDE 2 Exemple

with materials utils Quick and dirty documentation

This is an integration of PySide2 in blender with button interactions with the Blender Editor. It's a quick and dirty integration ! just for the proof and concept

Install Pip

To use PySide2 you must install pip and PySide2, on windows. I made a button to do that automaticly, and now you can even install your favorite modules from pip inside blender ! ! open the console to watch the instalation of pip and PySide2 in Window > Toogle System Console > ! or make you a cofee and wait 5 minutes.

If pip or PySide2 aren't install you will see that button otherwise you will see my exemple

QT designer interface

the interface is made with QT designer. You can find it in your PySide2 folder inside your blender instalation file ...\Blender\2.80\python\lib\site-packages\PySide2

QSS styleShett

You can customise your window style with Qss file, you can find samples in the style sheet folder inside this package

Example Buttons

Itterative material replace

if your importing multiples fbx with the same materials name this button can save time.

! warning : Be sure to have a good naming convention.

replace each iteration by material if it exists.

for exemple : all your object with materials named yourMaterial.001 yourMaterial.002 yourMaterial.003 will be remplaced by yourMaterial if yourMaterial exist.

Remove unused materials

Clean up unused materials without reloading blender.

Clean Material Slots

for each object Remap materials duplicates and remove unused materials slots

Create Suzanne

Create a a Suzanne mesh

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