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A game for visually impaired children
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Flore is a game for visually impaired children.

It puts the player in charge of saving endangered species; in order to complete a level, the player has to attract a given set of animals on the screen, so they can eventually be moved to natural reserves. The player's means of action is to entice animals to come by growing their favorite plants. We designed the game with expandability in mind; it is very easy to add new game elements (levels, animals, plants…).

How to run

This software should run on all environments (Windows, Mac, Linux). However, the speech synthesis provided by Polytech'Nice is currently only compatible with Windows.

Under Linux and OS X

cd path/to/the/downloaded/archive
cd flore
ant compile

Under Windows

Execute the Listor/execution.bat file.


A screencast is available to present both technical and game details.


This game was made during our third year of studies at Polytech'Nice engineering school, which organizes the DeViNT event each year. It is the occasion to present techniques and software targeting visually impaired people.

Many other games are available on the DeViNT catalog.