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Downloads any free app and its dependencies from the Microsoft store.
Drivers are starting to implement store apps to be fully functional.
The analogue 3.5mm headphone connector not working on some models without the app.
The driver package from the manufacturer only contains a batch file which opens the store in your web browser.
And I can't find the app in the business store...
Also heard of a similar case with the thunderbolt app.
If the manufacturers would include these in their driver packages I wouldn't have to do this.
But I can see why they don't..
There's this "small" issue with deploying .Appx and AppxBundles during an OSD.
But that script will be done and uploaded in a cuple of days or so. :)
The real heroes here are the ppl behind this site:
I'm just poking their API.
-StoreURL Examples:
Param (
[string] $StoreURL,
if ($StoreURL.EndsWith("/"))
#write-host "Ends with '/'"
$URI = ""
$myParameters = "type=url&url=$($StoreURL)"
$HtmlResult = $wchttp.UploadString($URI, $myParameters)
$Start=$HtmlResult.IndexOf("<p>The links were successfully received from the Microsoft Store server.</p>")
#write-host $start
if ($Start -eq -1)
write-host "Could not get the links, please check the StoreURL."
$newHtml=New-Object -ComObject "HTMLFile"
$ToDownload=$newHtml.getElementsByTagName("a") | Select-Object textContent, href
if ([regex]::IsMatch("$SavePathRoot\$ProductID","([,!@?#$%^&*()\[\]]+|\\\.\.|\\\\\.|\.\.\\\|\.\\\|\.\.\/|\.\/|\/\.\.|\/\.|;|(?<![A-Z]):)|^\w+:(\w|.*:)"))
write-host "Invalid characters in path"$SavePathRoot\$ProductID""
if (!(test-path "$SavePathRoot\$ProductID"))
write-host "Creating Directorty"$SavePathRoot\$ProductID""
New-Item -ItemType Directory "$SavePathRoot\$ProductID" -ErrorAction Stop | Out-Null
write-host "Failed to create directory.$([System.environment]::NewLine)$_"
write-host "Exiting..."
Foreach ($Download in $ToDownload)
Write-host "Downloading $($Download.textContent)..."
$wchttp.DownloadFile($Download.href, "$SavePathRoot\$ProductID\$($Download.textContent)")
write-host "---------------------------------------"
write-host ""
Write-host "Download is complete..."
write-host "Opening Folder"
(Start-Sleep -s 3)
(Start "$SavePathRoot\$ProductID\")
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