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A PBR system developed for the Leadwerks engine
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A PBR system developed for the Leadwerks engine

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---- Details here: ----

---- using PBR ----

Copy the shaders into your project, overwriting the current files.

to use PBR:

  • Make sure Gamma correction is the first shader in the post process stack

  • Use the PBR specific shaders for materials, the material slots correspond to the following textures

  • diffuse = albedo normal = normal specular = specular displacement = roughness

    texture4 = metalness

---- DEMO ----

Download the folder and run PBR.exe

---- Demo Troubleshooting ----

Requires an OpenGL 4.0 compliant video card Requires OpenAL 32 bit to be installed

if you have problems running the executable, please submit an issue.

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