Scraps the Plex sessions page to display the current playing movie or TV show poster on a screen.
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Plex Movie Poster Display

Scraps the Plex sessions page to display the current playing movie or TV show poster on a screen.

Disclaimer – I am a network engineer not a programmer. I play around with code. I am publishing this to give back to the communities that has helped me learn. There may be better ways of scraping the Plex Posters, but this is the way I chose to do it. I am open to suggestions. Use at your own risk.

I decided to rewrite the program in PHP and make it browser based. This allows me to have the Raspberry Pi boot to the desktop, automatically start a browser in kiosk mode, and open the PHP site.

This script scraps http://IP_ADDRESS_OF_PLEX_SERVER>:32400/status/sessions for clients and displays the poster of the currently playing movie or TV show. If nothing is currently playing it will pull a random poster of an unwatched movie.

My Setup

Plex Media Server is running on a dedicated server. Plex Movie Poster Display is running on separate Raspberry Pi 3 connected to a screen via HDMI. On boot up the Pi launches Chromium in kiosk mode and loads the Plex Movie Poster Display URL.



  • Custom Text on top and bottom of posters.
  • Cache posters locally.
  • Custom Image
  • Web Frontend for configuration (ALPHA)


  • Copy all the files into the root of your web server.
  • Fix permission on cache folder (chmod 777 cache)
  • Fix permission on config.php file. (chmod 777 config.php)
  • Open the URL to your server in a browser and configure. http://SERVER_IP_ADDRESS/admin.php


  • Delete all files in the cache directory.
  • Check permissions on cache and config.php.