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A Python script to perform sentiment analysis, and so much more, for a user-prompted Twitter handle.

What Would Twitter Do (Sentiment Analysis+)

What Would Twitter Do is a Twitter sentiment analysis tool. Yes, one of the hundreds. Why will this be different?

  • Easy: Users need only the Twitter handle they want to analyze and their Twitter API credentials to run a quick SA
  • Fast: No code needs to be modified to run the script
  • Customizable: Multiple options for timeline, data visualization, etc. available through prompts

Version Steps/Goals

  • Finalize initial version with a quick, easy, user-prompted 'Analysis Overview'
  • Add multiple plot/graph options
  • Add multiple comparison options
  • Add monitoring and notification features
  • Incorporate scikit-learn for sentiment predictions
  • Expand sentiment data sources (Reddit, RSS feeds, etc.)


  • This is most definitely a Work in Progress... not even beta yet
  • Download to test/inspect/modify/etc. only
  • twitcred_sample must be modified to contain your personal Twitter API credentials until prompts are created in the primary script.
  • wwtd_v0.1.1 is the primary script.



  • tweepy
  • pandas
  • numpy
  • matplotlib


  • Much of the inspiration for the #start# of this project came from Randolfo Ferro