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a1e4b83 @MauiJerry First Commit based on Source 2012 code
1 README for Logo-Glowego Git
3 Logo Glowego is an LED Sculpture developed for Source 2012.
4 The home for the project is in the Maui Makers Wiki
7 The base sculpture is an iron re-bar teardrop shape (Source logo), created for the first event in 2008 and used as a burning edifice at Source. It was decided they would no longer burn it and asked for ideas for reuse. I offered to deck it out in LED tape and interactive. The resulting project utilized 7 arduinos, 12 meters of tape, TFT Display, weather sensors, IR sensors, etc. (see LogoGlowego Parts List for complete list, including software and tools).
9 This Git will contain all the arduino code (except libraries and IDE from other sources) needed to rebuild the applications.
11 There were four main applications used:
12 * GlowegoControlApp - arduino with all the sensors attached, communicates over serial link to others using EasyTransfer
13 * TFTDisplay - teensy 2.0 duino with AdaFruit TFT Display showing sensor packet
14 * LED_Controller4 - arduino sketch for the four LPD8806 base RGB LED Strips
15 * HL1606_LED_Controller - arduino sketch for the one HL1606 based RGB LED Strip
17 The libraries folder contains:
18 * ButtonWithLED - a button that has an associated LED to indicate state
19 * GlowegoContorl - EasyTransfer comma structure. Used a library to insure it is in-sync across all apps
20 * MakerMath - couple math functions used with sensors, derived from other sources
21 * SharpIRSensor - support for the Sharp IR Distance Sensors (two types)
22 * WatherMeter - support for the wind vane and anemometer in the Sparkfun weather sensor product (rain gauge not implemented for Logo-Glowego 2012)
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