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Please read LICENSE.txt for license terms


See the latest Releases

Placeholder Controls

ZXCVBNM    Alter playback speed (-100x, -10x, -1x, 0x, +1x, +10x, +100x)
AS         Zoom In/Out


  • The author can also be contacted in the IRC channel #gamedev on under the alias MaulingMonkey
  • File github issues, I don't mind :)



Grabbing the Source

You can browse and observe project development at

If you simply want to track changes, read only git access is available at:

	git clone git://
	svn checkout

Building the Source

  • Open TtyRecMonkey.sln
  • Build it.
  • Select the project TtyRecMonkey and make it your startup project before running.
    • Alternatively, launch bin\x86\Debug\TtyRecMonkey.exe or bin\x86\Release\TtyRecMonkey.exe
  • Select a non-compressed ttyrec file and open it

Project Layout


PuttyDLL is a native C project which is almost a direct replica of PUTTY.DSP project from the official PuTTY source code.

Key differences:

  • It's been converted to a VS2008 project via the upgrade manager (which worked flawlessly)
  • It now generates DLLs instead of EXEs
  • _*_SECURE_NO_DEPRECATE have been added to supress warning spam from standard library functions
  • export.c has been added which exposes methods for PuttySharp (C#) to PInvoke
  • Other source files may be modified to expose more to export.c -- should be mostly cosmetic/making availbe outside the TU


PuttySharp is a C# library which wraps the methods exposed by PuttyDLL for easier consumption in C#

It is currently small enough that it ended up well commented and designed. This probably won't last very long.


ShinyConsole is a C# program which provides and tests SlimDX/D3D9 based console text rendering

It is crufty and in need of sanitization.

It is used as a library by TtyPlayer, despite being a program.


TtyRecMonkey is the main C# program which is the point of this project. It is not well written.

It currently handles:

  • Parsing (to be spin off?) of TtyRecs
  • Basic playback of TtyRecs