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Typescript gamepad API for consistent cross-browser and cross-gamepad binding, polling for input, etc.
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MaulingMonKey's typescript gamepad API for consistent cross-browser and cross-gamepad binding, polling for input, etc.


License: Apache 2.0

Browser Support

OS Browser Max Gamepads API(s) Notes
Windows 7 Opera 44 4 XInput or RawInput
Windows 7 Chrome 57 4 XInput or RawInput
Windows 7 FireFox 53 5+ XInput or RawInput
Windows 10 Edge 4? Only XInput? [4] [5]
Windows 7 IE 11 0 No gamepad API [1] !isSupported [4]
Windows 7 IE 8 XXX [2] No gamepad API Compatability bugs
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Chromium 65 0 No gamepad API [1] "isSupported" lies [3]
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Chrome 66 4+ Unknown
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS FireFox 59 4+ Unknown
  1. All mmk.gamepad functions should still "work" as if there were no gamepads connected.
  2. This browser may still have compatability bugs even providing the "no gamepads" interface.
  3. This browser implements a gamepad API, but no gamepads work.
  4. You may need to specify <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=9" /> or better to avoid JS errors.
  5. Edge has some built-in gamepad navigation behavior. mmk.gamepad will disable this by default.

Gamepad support

OS Gamepad Chrome Opera FireFox Edge Notes
Windows Xbox 360 OK OK OK [1] OK
Windows Xbox One OK [1] OK [1] OK [1] OK [1]
Windows DualShock 4 (Micro-USB) OK OK No DPad No touch/gyros
Windows DualShock 4 (Wireless) OK OK No DPad No touch/gyros
Windows DualShock 3 (Mini-USB) Bad HID [2]
  1. This gamepad displays an incorrect or generic name which we cannot work around (e.g. "Xbox 360 Controller" for XB1 controllers, or "xinput")
  2. Third party (non-Sony!) drivers may make this gamepad work - it doesn't speak standard HID properly.
OS Gamepad Chrome [3] FireFox Notes
Ubuntu Xbox 360 OK OK
Ubuntu Xbox One OK OK
Ubuntu DualShock 4 (Micro-USB) OK [4] OK No gyros, bad init [5], touchpad is mouse
Ubuntu DualShock 4 (Wireless) OK [4] OK No gyros, bad init [5], touchpad is mouse
Ubuntu DualShock 3 (Mini-USB) OK OK No gyros
  1. Not Chromium - which still defines the gamepad API, but doesn't appear to actually export info about connected gamepads even when Chrome will on the same system.

  2. Note that the baseline gamepad API lies about this gamepad being in the standard layout already in Chrome 66 on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. tryRemapStdLayout will fix these to use the correct layout anyways.

  3. Some triggers/axises of this gamepad currently misinitialize to non-zero values (e.g. -1, 0.5), although they'll correct themselves after some use. Could be worked around with some more stateful mapping (e.g. treating known bad values as 0.0 until the right stick / triggers are sufficiently exercised.)

Basic API

See src/demo.ts

// In case you want to display a hint to switch browsers ;)
if (!mmk.gamepad.isSupported()) console.warn("Gamepads not available in this browser");

// The rough equivalent of navigator.getGamepads(), with fallbacks.
var gamepads = mmk.gamepad.getRawGamepads() // Can return undefined elements (for e.g. disconnected controllers)

var snapshot = mmk.gamepad.cloneGamepads(gamepads); // Deep copy of basic fields
snapshot[0]  = mmk.gamepad.cloneGamepad(snapshot[0]); // Hey why not

// Works despite the lack of "connectedgamepad" and "disconnectedgamepad" events:
mmk.gamepad.addRawConnectedListener   ( function(gamepad) { console.log("Connected gamepad:",   gamepad); } );
mmk.gamepad.addRawDisconnectedListener( function(gamepad) { console.log("Disconnected gamepad:", gamepad); } );
// (note that addRawConnectedListener will immediately invoke your callback on already connected gamepads!)

var standard = mmk.gamepad.tryRemapStdLayout(snapshot[0]);
if (standard) { console.assert(standard.mapping === "standard"); } // Well, that was easy!
else          { ... } // Fallback to non-standard mapping prompts etc...


Via NuGet

  • Add mmk.gamepad to your project via nuget.
  • Reference <script src="Scripts/mmk.gamepad/mmk.gamepad.js"></script> on your page.
  • Done!


  • Implement controller database
  • Controller autodetect / fixup
    • Autodetect weird axis dpads
    • Autodetect mismapped axies (e.g. -1..+1 triggers)
    • Autodetect misbehaving axies
  • Use database to remap controllers to "standard" layout Done
  • Provide constants for standard layout buttons
  • Provide api to get labels for buttons
  • Herustically detect duplicate controllers (e.g. PS4 can be connected via wireless and microusb simultaniously)
  • Herustically detect disconnected/off controllers (e.g. PS4 wireless dongle still shows up with home button held 10+ seconds)
  • Provide connected/disconnected events (e.g. Chrome doesn't generate any, and we may want to hide browser-level duplicates or powered off controllers etc.)
  • Test more browsers (Firefox? Mozilla? Edge? Opera?) Huzzah!
  • Test more OSes (Linux? OS X?)
  • Publish nuget
  • Track active controllers
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