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Convert a single file, namespace based JavaScript or TypeScript library into a module.
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What? Why?

I really like being able to author single-js file typescript libraries without modules. The output of typedoc is way cleaner, files merge cleanly, can be used in non-module projects, etc. Being able to consume libraries as modules is still nice, however, so this tool aims to provide that as an option.

Quick Start

  • Grab NPM
  • Option 1: Install per-project, and convert once
    cd my-project
    npm init
    npm install --save-dev @maulingmonkey/modularize-namespace
    node_modules/.bin/modularize-namespace namespaces.js --output module.js --namespace my.namespace
  • Option 2: Install globally, and convert once
    npm install --global @maulingmonkey/modularize-namespace
    modularize-namespace namespaces.js --output module.js --namespace my.namespace

Hacking on this

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