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5. Points must be covered by line

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Rule details.

Rule Image

  • Rule name: TopologyRulePointsMustBeCoveredByLinePoint

  • Repository:

  • Description: In this rule the points in the input layer must be covered by the lines in another layer, so points errors are created on the points that are not covered by lines. For example, this rule is useful when is needed model points that are coincident with lines like as when there are falls along with a set of lines, such as highway signs along highways.

  • Release:

  • Development process: To minimize risks and optimize the development process is used the following methodology:

    • Approach the problem.
    • Analyze data and classes.
    • Algorithm design to solve the problem.
    • To solve the problem it is needed that points in one layer must be covered by lines in another layer. The error is the point, not the line. If the point it is not covered by the line so it is an error.

      For this rule there are 2 layers, one is taken as the input layer (point layer) and the other is the coverage layer (line layer). The points of the input layer are taken with a certain tolerance, so a buffer is calculated where the radius of this buffer is the tolerance. Then the point layer with the buffer determined initially must be intercepted with the line layer.

      If the type of geometry of the input layer is multipoint the procedure described above is performed for each of the points that make up the multipoint. The geometry type of the second layer does not need to be analyzed since this is done by the intersects function which comes by default implemented.

      In conclusion, If the points are not covered by the line will be created an error report. This will be a report of error points, which contains the points of the input layer that are not covered by the line layer.

    • Input data:

      • Input, points layer.
      • Coverage, line layer.
    • Output data:

      • Point errors report.
    • Error correction:

      • Delete Point action. Points that are not covered by the line must be deleted.
    • Optimize algorithm.
    • Codify.
    • Test, debug and refactor.
    • Document throughout the whole process. This activity has continuity from the beginning of the development process until the end of it.


Operation of the integrated rule to the topology framework.





Errors Report:

Errors Report

Errors Report

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