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Serverless-Framework Example of Automatic Certificate Creation

This is a project, which demonstrates how to create a Certificate from the AWS Certificate Manager using a CloudFormation custom resource.

This is or will be accompanied by a blog post on describing some of the details. If I remember I'll update this with a link to the post - if not, feel free to raise an Issue.


  • NodeJS and npm
  • Docker if you're not running linux
  • Your own Hosted Zone in AWS


Run npm install in this directory to install the Serverless Framework and the necessary plugins.

How to

  1. Edit the serverless.yml
  2. Edit these keys to fit your use case:
    • custom.Domain - replace the <update-me> with the Domain Name you want your Wildcard Certificate for, this needs to be part of the Hosted Zone.
    • custom.HostedZoneId - the Id of the Hosted Zone that belongs to the Domain.
  3. Run serverless deploy and after a few minutes you should see the Certificate being created in AWS


I didn't write the custom resource myself - I used the custom resource by Mark van Holsteijn of which they described in a blog post worth reading. Their code is avaiblable under the Apache 2.0 license here on Github.

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