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Easily place a semicolon at the end of a line with a hotkey
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Sublime package to append semi colons at the end of a line.

Place a semicolon at the end of the cursor's current line(s) by pressing:

  • Command+; on OS X
  • Ctrl+; on Windows and Linux

This is especially useful in situations like these:

cool stuff

You can also automatically go to the next line at the same time like this:

more cool stuff

with these shorcuts:

  • Command+Shift+; on OS X
  • Ctrl+Shift+; on Windows and Linux

Other Features

  • If a line already ends with a semicolon, no semicolon will be added
  • When appending a semicolon to a line ending in a comment, the semicolon will be placed before the comment


Install Package Control and search for AppendSemiColon

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