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Releases: MaurizioB/Bigglesworth

Final legacy release

31 Oct 02:36
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Final legacy release Pre-release

IMPORTANT: If Bigglesworth is informing you that there is an update available and this version is the one suggested, it means that you are using a very old and unsupported version. Please visit one of the following pages to download a newer version (select, copy, and paste in your web browser):

This is a virtual release for the latest "legacy" version released in mid-2017, and is published for historical and debugging purposes only, as the new versions are completely new, more stable and support many more features.

OSX editor fix, Wavetable library, imported sounds check

10 May 00:03
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The main feature of this release the new local wavetable library. Until now, only wavetable editor window could be opened at once, and the only way to edit a previously created wavetable was to open it, provided that it was exported to sysex.
With this release, multiple editor windows can be opened, and there is a library window collecting all (previously and currently) saved wavetables. The wavetable library window is accessible from the "Windows" menu in every Wavetable editor window, from which you can access to all currently opened wavetable windows.
The wavetables are actually stored in SysEx .SYX format, within the user's data application folder. Wavetables can be imported, deleted or duplicated from the library window, and drag'n'drop works transparently within editor windows, for both imported file waves and single waves from the wavetable contents. This is a pretty new (and slightly complex) feature, and can be prone to bugs, crashes or unexpected behavior; I tested as much as I could, but, just in case, be sure to save your modifications often.

This release also partly fixes visualization problems for the Sound editor window under OSX. The interface is still not perfect (fonts are very small and there is a lot of unused space in the interface).

The MIDI/SysEx sounds and sound sets import now checks for invalid parameter values and asks the user for confirmation; invalid data can be left as they are (at your own risk), edited one by one, or globally fixed to minimum or maximum allowed values.

Other fixes:

  • QtMultimedia requirement for Linux is now optional (due to some distributions not including it)
  • Single sound dump from MIDI/SysEx sounds and sound set import dialog now works as expected
  • Better handling of connection and selected items in the forementioned import dialog.
  • Better detection of MIDI/USB connected Blofeld
  • Fixes for wavetable drag'n'drop waves
  • Handling of sound names improvements
  • File import from the Library automatically detects the file type and acts accordingly, including wavetables (which are opened in the editor but not automatically saved in the library)

Known bugs:

  • The degree character (°) cannot be used in Wavetable names, since it causes Bigglesworth to crash.
  • It seems that in some OSX Sierra localization there can be an issue regarding unicode characters, which might cause Bigglesworth to not start up at all.
  • OSX still suffers some visualization issues in the Sound editor window: fonts and widgets might look very small, and the Arpeggiator pattern editor tries to use much more space than needed, causing a vertical scrollbar to be shown.
  • Sound editor window is still too big on OSX and Windows.
  • Windows installer does not detect previously installed versions anymore.
  • The wave visualization for imported files in the wavetable editor hides if the window is minimized.

Fix for dropdown comboboxes

27 Apr 18:25
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This is just a fix-release for long known bugged "Combos" in the Sound editor window, which didn't properly work on OSX and expecially on Windows.
This release should finally fix this problem.

OSX Build and fixed wrong behavior for MIDI device list.

18 Apr 22:46
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This release marks the first time Bigglesworth is available for OSX. Please note that this is still a test release: audio previews are choppy in the wavetable editor, while the sound editor has some visualization bugs (effects/arpeggiator and filters/matrix might look overlapsed).

This release also fixes MIDI device management, which caused the input/output device list to show only part of the available devices and a startup crash if no MIDI input device was connected. Consequently, the "Remember MIDI connection" didn't work at all.
According to the tests I've made, this problem should have been fixed, allowing seamless behavior as it is under Linux using ALSA. Also, the MIDI buttons in the Editor window (and their context menus) now work as expected, when using rtmidi.
The setup wizard also detects previously installed version of Bigglesworth and requires the user to uninstall them before proceeding with the new install.

Note that appearance on High DPI devices (OSX, Windows 8 and 10 on high definition screens) is still bugged.

Small fixes for cross platform support

18 Apr 00:57
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Some small bugs have been fixed for Windows.


  • Bigglesworth now uses Droid font (still under evaluation), which would allow better consistency across platforms.
  • Personal library is now saved in the "Data Location" user folder, which is:
    • for Linux: $HOME/.local/share/data/jidesk/Bigglesworth/
    • for Windows: %APPDATA%\jidesk\Bigglesworth\
  • Better quality Windows icon.

Some issues still remain:

  • Combobox drop down in the editor window now appear, but clicking on the arrow buttons or the scroll bar make the listview disappear again. If you have a wheelmouse, use that.
  • HiDPI screens are not supported.

The linked source code below correctly refers to the current release.

First Windows beta release

17 Apr 19:40
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This is the first public release of Bigglesworth for Windows.
I do not own a physical Windows machine, so the testing has been done only with wine and VirtualBox.
Some bugs might still be around, please submit them from the "Issues" section above.

Please note that the code linked to this release is not updated with the release itself.