HexChat addon that uses "@" for nick completion on Gitter
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A HexChat addon that uses "@" for nick completion on Gitter's IRC gateway

By default HexChat uses a suffix for nick completion when pressing <Tab>, if the nick is typed at the beginning of a message (it usually is a colon, set in the preferences).

If you use Gitter from HexChat this doesn't go well with "mentions", that need @username to work. This addon changes this behavior only for channels opened using the Gitter irc server, placing the @ at the beginning of the nick and then cycles the matching nicks as usual.


Download the file gitter-nick-completion.py and put it in the HexChat addons directory (usually ~/.config/hexchat/addons on Linux and %APPDATA%\HexChat\addons on Windows), or load it from the "Plugins and scripts" dialog you can access from the "Settings" menu.