Control RGB serial WS2812 leds strip by Processing interface and Arduino or ESP8266
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RGB Arduino/RGB_Neopixel
RGB Processing


The RGB Serial WS2812 Processing interface allow to control a single or a strip of leds RGB WS2812 from a serial comunication:

RGB WS2812 Processing Interface

At the start of the Processing software you're going to show this start image:

RGB WS2812 Processing Serial Interface

When you're going to move each color bar the value of the color change and it's going to send to Arduino sketch.

Arduino Uno

The project is available on the arduino one board (and on all the other boards of the arduino family)

Wemos ESP8266

The project is available on the ESP8266 only changing the board in the Arduino IDE -> Menu Tools -> Boards -> Wemos D1 Mini

Video Demo

You can see the video of the experiment on my Youtube Channel

RGB WS2812B Processing Serial Arduino ESP8266