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import json
from itertools import chain
from os.path import join, dirname
import requests
from lxml import etree
from .exceptions import BadStationError
URL = (
ASSETS = join(dirname(__file__), 'assets')
with open(join(ASSETS, 'train_stations.json')) as fh:
TRAIN_STATIONS = json.load(fh)
TRAIN_STATIONS_SET = (list(station.values())[0] for station in TRAIN_STATIONS)
TRAIN_STATIONS_SET = set(chain.from_iterable(TRAIN_STATIONS_SET))
def times_for_station(station_name):
Given a station name (from ``TRAIN_STATIONS_SET``) return the associated
incoming train timings
if station_name not in TRAIN_STATIONS_SET:
raise BadStationError()
r = requests.get(
'stationname': station_name
return _parse_trips(r.content)
def _parse_trips(trips):
root = etree.fromstring(trips)
root = root.find('{}Trips')
trips = root.findall('{}SercoTrip')
trips = [
etree.QName(el).localname: el.text
for el in trip
for trip in trips
for trip in trips:
'PatternFullDisplay': trip['PatternFullDisplay'].split(', '),
'Pattern': trip['Pattern'].split(','),
'Cancelled': trip['Cancelled'] == 'True'
return trips
def _main():
from pprint import pprint
pprint(times_for_station('Perth Underground Stn'))
if __name__ == '__main__':
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