Client-side standalone Plasmid illustration drawing(SVG) for biotech use
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Proper demo


Client-side standalone Plasmid illustration drawing(SVG) for biotech/educational use.

Created in 2008, before the HTML5 or whatever JS framework era.

This is a javascript-based tool for drawing plasmid and retriving the image as vector SVG commands. Useful for quickly creating an illustration for presentation use, or when the actual DNA sequence does not matter.

SVG file can be edited using WYSIWYG editor Inkscape or Illustrator, or even a plain text editor, and can be enlarged without degrading image quality.

You can download everything on to your own PC and then just run index.html, then select either 2017 OR Basic OR Deluxe version to run.

All modern browsers as of 2015 should be able to render SVG so you can forget about the Basic version actually.

MIT license. Donation welcome (paypal at: mavericktse@ gmail .com ).

Originally published on my blog at [] → now []

Use case

  • SlideShow presentation
  • Thesis and Journal publication
  • Conference poster

2017 Patch

  • Completely resolved the "curved text" alignment issue
  • Added CJK (中日韓) text support
  • Added HTML5 UI with direct SVG and PNG download function

Difference from other tools

  • Vector NTI/pDraw and other payware: This is free and better suitable for simple illustration purpose, no actual DNA sequence needed
  • Savvy: This is client-side only and offer more features (man, this worth a publication!? what a joke)
  • AngularPlasmid: This is more light-weight and gives you the actual SVG code, but less features
  • All Others: This is more than a plasmid tool. You can use it for other illustrations or art that base on circles and sectors

Color Wheel